Extrinsic (UK)

Extrinsic (UK)

Extrinsic [Psylicious - UK]


UK producer Ed Goode is the audio visionary behind the UK Psy trance live phenomena, EXTRINSIC.

Think Goa v's Morning Full On with one hell of an evolved modern day twist and there you have the sound of EXTRINSIC, or just about!

Individuality certainly stands out with production giving the whole audio concept a refreshing psychedelic make over that will ensure all trance floors will flow with EXTRINSIC'S magical energy, simply leaving you wanting much more!

With beautifully crafted production throughout, combining an artillery of fresh sweeping melodies complimented by clever use of vox, seriously strong bass lines loaded with plenty of funk and groove and kick that leads you into shear hypnotism before an explosion of romantic break downs that takes you by the hand and guides you deeper within the audio magic that EXTRINSIC creates.

EXTRINSIC is a producer and Live act to keep your eyes and yes, your ears pealed wide open for, to further expand your mind, move your body and connect with your soul.

Ed originally got into dance music through break dance as a kid, he followed as it progressed into Electro and early House.
Around the time of leaving school in 1989 he started listening to Acid House and attending the infamous illegal London M25 Acid Parties.
Whilst training to be a goldsmith in London's Hatton Garden, Ed often spent his lunch breaks at various record shops, collecting House and early Rave vinyl. His enthusiasm for and love of the music infected many friends, gathering a large crew and travelling the length and breadth of the UK to party.

Around 1992 Ed finally put his musical abilities to work, buying a set of turntables and teaching himself to mix his beloved vinyl's, never failing to rock the party as DJ Phutura. Enjoying the underground vibe and soaking up the experience, he played at many of the parties in Kent and Southeast London, playing his own choice of Hardcore and Breakbeat.
As the Jungle element became prominent at raves, Ed began to turn his attention to Trance music. Entering and winning Eternity magazine's DJ competition 3 times with his new blend of tracks from labels such as Harthouse, EyeQ, and Time Unlimited to name a few.

Frustrated by the increasingly rip-off commercialisation of the rave scene, around 1995 Ed and crew began organising their own illegal parties around Kent under the name TRIBA. By this time, the music of choice was leaning toward Goa Trance and early Psychedelic Trance.

With the increasing number of parties being raided and closed down by the Kent police, Ed slowed down on the DJing. He bought his first music making equipment the Roland MC303 and Korg Prophecy in 1998, with nothing less in mind than to make his own Psy Trance.

Fat bass lines and deep soundscapes, exploring moods and dimensions in a Psychedelic manner is what Extrinsic is all about!



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