There is a DJ to please the ears, a VJ to please the eyes and with aroma jockey Odo7 there is an AJ to please the nose. Combine smell with sound & visuals to create an all in one experience.

Welcome to the third dimension of entertainment......


Born in Austria, Aroma Jockey ODO7 (Erich Berghammer) is the hottest sensation in today's (dance) culture. With his mysterious aroma laboratory, ODO7 is mixing scents for your pleasure. Bathing the crowd in a unifying atmosphere, ODO7 makes all to one and will create a unique atmosphere.

As a professional perfumer, aroma therapist, olfactory artist and olfactory performer since 2002, EB aka odo7 has worked for prestigious perfume houses, designed personal perfumes for celebrities and performed at many of the best clubs and festivals worldwide. As inventor of Aroma Jockeying, he established the conscious use of scent in the arena of clubs, events and festivals.

Erich Berghamme aka Odo first created the term 'Aroma Illustration' in 2001. In the years that followed he developed an olfactory (smell) performance, which is known today as "aroma jockeying". 

In the arena of clubs and parties he translates the music into scents that illustrate the artistic ,leads, vibes, moods and contrast of sound. Aroma Jockeying is controlling the vibes at your event by mixing a seamless blend of the worlds finest scents. Pleasant fragrances do create highly positive emotions and amazing effects. In fact 90% of human emotions are guided by scent.


Erich Berghammer only uses natural, bio & organic materials.

The worlds finest essential oils, real natural  pheromones, the purest holy resins, woods, roots, herbs, leaves, spices, fruits, ayurvedic healing scents and original ancient incenses.


Scent is the gate into the depths of our minds.

Because of its force to change our perception, scent is surrounded by an aura of mystery and magic. Ancient cultures knew about the transcending, psychological and healing properties of scents and incorporated the use of scent in rituals, medicine and art.


Standing at his worktable next to the DJ, surrounded by an army of bottles, Odo7 directs scentsscapes of organic sources over his audience by using huge ventilators: essential oils, homemade incenses, exotic spices, woods, leaves, fruits, crystals, herbs and real pheromones. The smells are vaporized by using hot water, ambient perfumes and incense burners.

A simple technical stage set-up (table-smells-ventilators) is sufficient to reach any sized audience, from intimate gatherings indoors to outdoor summer festivals.

During his set ODO7 creates pleasant aromas, which will lead to amazing effects. A uplifted, happy and energetic crowd is guaranteed, in just a few seconds the audience might travel from an Indian market to a real pheromonic "love is in the air" sensation.

Smell as a medium creates meaning and authenticity in performance. Scents can illustrate any theme, sound and action.

Aroma Jockeying can be applied to any thinkable event. Many companies request out-of-the-ordinary services or customized scents. Any sized audience can be reached, from intimate to outdoor places. Clubs, Party's, Festivals, Classic concerts, Award celebrations, Fashion-show, Business conventions, Product-presentations.


Aroma jockey Odo7 has performed for numerous brands and played at many of the best clubs and festivals worldwide.


Isabella Rosselini Perfumes, Christian Dior Perfumes, Tommy Hilfiger, JP Gaultier, Vouge, Unilever, ABN Amro, Nike, World Trade Center Amsterdam, Philip Morris, BMW, Ford , Smirnoff, Chupa Chups, Wrigley's 5, Jaegermeister, Bacardi, Magnum 5 Senses, Johnny Walker, Heineken, MTV European Music Awards, Millionair Fair, AltaRoma, Glennmorangie AJ Night, Bejing and Guangzhou, Dontabak.


Glastonbury, Roskilde, Love Fields, Mysteryland, Festival Mundial (outdoor  audience of 10 000), Time Warp, 05 Days Off, 10days off.


Rome fashion week, Rubensbal Contemporary, Art museum Boijmans van Beuningen Rotterdam,  science museum Nemo Amsterdam, installations at resistance museum Amsterdam, Bonbonnière Theater.


WinWynn Shanghai, Dyagilev Moscow, Imperia Lounge Moscow , Paradiso Amsterdam, Melkweg Amsterdam, Supperclub, Amsterdam Dance Event (Amsterdam), Cocoon Frankfurt.

Perfume labels:

As a perfume composer Odo7 remixed one of Christian Dior's #1 fragrances, Higher Energy.

He created three new scents for Tommy Hilfiger, odorized Mr. J. P. Gaultier at the launching party of his newest perfume ''Madame'' and got invited by legendary Isabella Rosselini to collaborate on a project in Amsterdam.





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