Prognosis (UK)

Prognosis (UK)

Prognosis [Psylicious - UK]

Prognosis came into fruition as a result of Craig Lee & Graeme Farrer working together during the summer of 1997.

They made their debut public appearance during the winter solstice that same year whom after discovering Goa /Psychedelic Trance, worked to create
psychedelic sound-scapes, essential sonic therapy that moves the Soul.

With the use of Computers, CD mixers, Hard Disk Recorders, Sampling tools, Keyboards, FX units, and the latest digital technology. Prognosis combine
many sounds together in a live mix, creating a psychedelic sound scape for the dance floor.

Craig has had an interest in music since childhood and at the age of 14, he picked up a guitar and joined his first band. Influenced heavily by the rock
and punk scene and did numerous gigs around North-East England. Between 1985 and 1990, he worked as a session Guitarist. After becoming
increasingly involved with the setup of P.A's, he eventually stopped playing the guitar and immersed him self in live engineering and recording.
Faced with redundancy from his day job, he took the opportunity to enrol at college to learn more about recording and engineering. He gained valuable
experience working in a community studio, where he stayed for 2 year as assistant studio engineer. In 1995, he moved to Uncle Sam's Recording Studio in Newcastle, working with label bands until 1997, when he got the opportunity to work on tour, focusing on live sound.
For 5 years he toured extensively as a freelance Front of the house engineer which gave him the experience of working with many professional and local bands along with covering a wide variety of P.A‘s. It was during this time that a friend from London, introduced him to Psy-trance on CD, it was only a matter of time before he discovered the emerging scene and then began experimenting mixing sounds together.
From the experience he gained from live work he then combined his love for psy trance music and live mixing into Prognosis!!

Graeme began his musical interest at an early age, studying music at school from 11+ focusing on singing for amateur musical productions, whilst learning basic keyboards. At 18 he discovered the electronic dance music scene in Sunderland,together with psychedelic sounds circa 1960-1975. He was introduced to Psy-trance at the Phantasm Label Launch Party in Tyssen Street, Dalston. Left speechless after this enlightening introduction, he returned north to spread news to his friends, of the sounds he had heard and experience he had, then joined up with Craig, to begin experimenting together with a handful of Psy-trance CD's, a few software resources and basic audio tools.

During 1998-99, Craig & Graeme took the Prognosis sound on tour, to numerous free party and events around the UK. In 2000, he went to the John Marley Centre in Newcastle, for music technology, sequencing and mastering, which has allowed him to develop his interests and abilities further. 2003 saw the launch of which is the online server which plays host to the Prognosis site, whilst developing his interest for computers.
During 2004-5, in addition to playing at various festivals and parties, Graeme also worked with Shu-ki at Kagdila Records - assisting with his Californian Psy Trance label.

Prognosis have been both honoured and privileged, to have been invited to entertain dance floors, both around the UK and in Europe playing alongside established acts such as; Cosmosis, Bamboo Forest and Infected Mushroom. Their performance has taken them to the trance floors of events such as; Twilight Zone(Portugal), Space Frogs(Germany), Trance Mafia(Holland), Freaky Fire(Holland) and UK established events such as; Omniscience, Tribe Of Frog, Kulu, Fatmoon, Shamania Festival, Chaos Theory, Truck Fest, Cybernetics, Conscious Monkeys, Truma Trance, Case & Effect and Ourmass to name but a few....

The term "Prognosis", meaning "a forecast or prediction on the Ecorse or direction of...", is usually used in a medical context, but in this case, it refers to sound. Sound and the use of particular frequencies, which can be used therapeutically, physically vibrating the body, stimulating the mind, and uplifting the soul. The arrangement of these sounds, combined with the transformational power of dance, can take a person on a journey, of which discovery and Emancipation can be the resulting outcome.

Prognosis, coming to a trance floor near you!



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