Psykia (IT)

Psykia (IT)

Psykia [Psylicious - Italy]

Psykia, real name Francesca Spadoni is an eclectic young artist from the Italian underground music scene. Psykia connected with music in her primary years at the age of six, when she first took a violin in her hands, which she loves and, even now, is the instrument closest to her heart.

She studied classical music throughout her childhood and at the same time was introduced to electronic music, thanks to her brother DJ Sword, a great collector of trance and techno from their very beginnings.

Such influences led Psykia to the belief those electronic sonorities were those most consistent with the soul of her generation.

Initially she was intrigued by Ambient, Electro and Trip Hop; later she became involved in the Psychedelic Trance scene, studying at Rome's "Università della Musica" and leaving two years later, at 23, with the Diploma in Sound Engineering.

After spending three months in Goa she came into contact with the various sounds of Trance, she began her journey as a DJ of Progressive/Psy Trance and Chillout.

In less than 2 years, Psykia has been asked to play all over the world, and has already had the opportunity to play alongside well established names within the International Psy Trance scene such as: Tristan, Headroom, Arjuna, Ocelot, Compressor, Materia, Mad Maxx, Sahamadi, XP, Space Cat, Pixel, Naked Tourist, Odiseo (Xibalba),Jay and Ex, Duble Impact, Dica etc..

Psykias full on killer sound is a liquid of, hypnotic psychedelic beats, driving bass lines and tingling melodies that draw you into what ever journey Psykia takes you on.

Her progressive set is ideal during the day, and reflects her sunny and dynamic personality. After a full power season in Goa Psykia is ready with her second project which is an acid but not too hard psy trance set with many influences from the progressive sound, ideal for the sunrise of a "jungle party".

Completely involved in the Trance culture, she is currently publishing an anthropological research on the Goa Trance movement for the Roman University "La Sapienza", whose title is "Trancefloor: an ethnographic study about the sound scapes of dancing souls."


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