SSK [Psylicious - USA]

'SSK' real name, Jacquelyn R. Horn stumbled into her first warehouse party during The Summer of '94. She was initialy introduced to House Music, Epic Trance, & Techno. It wasn't until her travels across America in '96 that she discovered Goa Trance\Psy Trance in San Fransisco, California. Psy events were few in The States at the time, so she pacified herself with a handful of Blue Room & Flying Rhino releases.

In 1997 she took a job at 'Zombies', a coffee shop/small afterhours venue, located in Arlington, Texas. It was there Jacquelyn was taught by Texas's 'Raid5' how to manage sound for live-bands & DJs. From there she met many of North Texas's DJs and promoters. She was then taken on board with 'Moonkids', a small DJ collective handling Jungle and Ambient DJs, for whom her primary responsibility was foot-level promoting.

In 1998 she attended TX Electronica Festival (Dripping Springs, TX) where she was pleasantly surprised to find a Psy stage. That is when Jacquelyn met the 3 founders of Astral Tribe, Shawn Sullins (DJ Atum), James Meadows (DJ Nobody), & Sean Cook (DJ Aeon) She was inducted into the tribe soon after, and she then promoted & worked Astral Tribe's Full-Moon gatherings.

In October of '99 she began to learn to mix on a pair of borrowed MKII's, she played Deep House, Epic & Hard Trance (whilst she collected Goa/Psy releases) Over a period of 3 weeks she purchased a new pair of SL1200 MKII's and, shortly after the arrival of the second deck, she played her first small gig. Soon after that she was dubbed 'Smitten Space Kitten'.

At the close of 1999 she formed T.A.T. with DJ Machine (aka DJ Kush) T.A.T. was a small collective of Psy, Breaks, House, & Electro DJs. They were known for their free, 'renegade' campouts called 'Psychedelic Excursions', as well as various residencies held over the years in the local bar scene (which included: 'Psychedelic Sundays' at The Sandbar and, 'ESP' at The Amsterdam Bar..)

While she continued her 'no-budget productions', SSK evolved to mix Scando, Psy-Tech, Minimal Psy, and Progressive Psy. Wanting to break out of the local EDM scene led to her decision to open a website geared to promote new & poorly exposed acts for free in late '06. Some of the acts promoted on her site, were: Nano, Radioactive Sandwich, Morlack, Machine/Kush, to name a few.

In January of 2008, she dismantled T.A.T. so she could focus on her individual career. After a hermit's retreat, she went digital and re-emerged as a Full-On Psy & Progressive Psy DJ in mid 2009. At the end of '09 she was offered a spot on 'Psylicious Radio', for which she was asked to be a resident, and then in January 2010 she became Psylicious's USA Rep.

Near mid 2010 she closed to allot more time to DJing, and she began to collect & mix downtempo. SSK secured a residency (almost immediately) with DJ Kush called 'Downtemple' (at The Tavern-Upstairs) She grew bored with the gig quickly due to collecting-restrictions set forth by her associate, and a ridiculous 'No Dogs Allowed' rule set forth by the bar. So naturally, SSK b-lined it back to Full-On Psy & 'open air'.

Most recently SSK has moved from Texas to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she is again re-inventing herself as a DJ. Needless to say she is picking up any and every piece of worthy music she comes across. She has added to her arsenal: Psybreaks, Techfunk, Freerange, & Psydub. She has added to her affiliations: 'Fresh Decade', a small production company/DJ collective located in Pittsburgh, USA (owned & operated by Bill McTall, who is also the organizer of Trancegiving 2010/2011)

The sound of SSK is an audio fusion of full on killer energy, with an explosion of tough underground beats, enchanting melodies that simply lead you into a musical journey of, SSK.


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