Talamasca (FR)

Talamasca (FR)

Talamasca [Mind Control Records - France]

Known as one of the most talented musicians of the electronic music scene, and specialist in Trance music, Talamasca is the solo project of Cedric Dassulle, based in Paris.

After more than 18 years travelling all over the world in more than 40 countries to play his own music, Talamasca has released more than 150 tracks on the most prestigious labels of this genre.

3D Vision, Label that he was the cofounder of, released his first album 'Beyond the Mask' in 1998 and the success of this release built him a strong reputation.

The second album was the consecration of his work, released in 2000 by Spiral Traxx, a very well known label from Sweden. From this point Talamasca was definitely one of the rising stars of those years, especially with tracks like 'Time Simulation', that went onto received major support, being played all over the planet and onto every dance floor.

Talamasca then released in 2001, after having released a lot of tracks on many labels in various compilations, as the demand was really huge, his 3rd album called 'Zodiac', 12 tracks based on the 12 astrological signs. This album also contained his first guitar track called 'Aries', one of his biggest hits, and one of the best selling CD's in the history of Psy Trance.  

In 2004 he created and launched his own label called 'Mind Control Records', that provided a platform for him to produce other artists than himself, discovering and launching some of the newest French artists, such as; XSI, Silicon Sound, Nomad, Life Extension, Mesmerizer, Shagma and a few others...

He also released on 'Mind Control Records', as a first release his 4th album called 'Made in Trance', a collaboration album made with some of those new French producers previously mentioned.

His 5th album, 'Obsessive Dream', was a double CD release; one containing solo tracks from Talamasca and one containing collaboration projects with the biggest names of this style of music such as Skazi, Eskimo, GMS and Sirius Isness...

After having so much fun making collaborations, he made his 6th album with XSI, the French project that Mind Control Records produced the first album for, and who became the new promising project of the new generation of producers emerging into the Psy Trance scene. A friendship was born during the collaboration &  production of this album that is aptly titled 'One'.

Talamasca is now finishing his 7th album that is expected for release before the Summer 2011.

His mission as a Live Act or DJ, is to share the energy of his music so that people would have a good time during his set, he wants them to dance, and to be happy and this is his main goal.

This is maybe why he is so known for his communication & interaction with the public while he's playing...

With over 15 successful years playing all over the planet, he knows what people want to dance to, and his skills as a musician to translate feelings into music is not to demonstrate anymore as he became through the years the 'maestro' of psy trance, his nick name in many countries...

"Since I discovered in 1992 that it was possible to make MUSIC more than NOISE with electronic music, I had so many ideas in mind that I knew its gonna become my life...". (Talamasca).

To see Talamasca play his music is an experiment that you want to live!



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