Unconscious Mind(s) (UK)

Unconscious Mind(s) (UK)

Unconscious Mind(s)
(Psychoactive Records - UK)

Unconscious Mind(s) is the creation of UK producer Darren Slaney-Hutchins, fusing together the energized, mind-bending and captivating sounds of psytrance and solid grooves of breakbeat. Following a visit to Glade Festival already with a love for psytrance, Darren discovered the expansive sounds of psybreaks and set out to create music in this style. In 2010 his first attempt at this style; “FD Psybreaks” was snapped upby Ayra Recordings [HUN] and was released with his second track “Damnation” both riding high on the BeatPort chart. This release was followed with remixes for top artists Beatman & Ludmilla, another for Blazer followed by a remix of Adam Faz for VIM Records [GRE]. During the year, his first track “FD Psybreaks” was also selected for a CD compilation by Sabretooth Records [UK].

In the spring of 2011 with Adam Goodlet (one half of successful Freeform/Hardcore act Ephexis), Darren started an independent label; Psychoactive Records, providing an outlet for psybreaks and psytrance created with passion that stretch the boundaries of human imagination. Unconscious Mind(s) material won support from top producers including Far Too Loud, Hedflux, Beatman & Ludmilla, Kickflip and Retroid to name a few. The year was capped off with the Unconscious Mind(s) debut album “Broken Dreams of Euphoria” on his own label, and a killer remix of a Bad Tango track for Logariddim Records [SUI].

2012 saw further heavily supported releases from Unconscious Mind(s) including remixes of MartOpetEr for VIM Records and Kwah for Rune Recordings [UKR] and originals on his own label one of which was also relicensed for compilation use. At the end of this year he decided to concentrate full time on his musical production and label, working hard to prepare material for the busy year ahead and evolving his unique style.

This year, Unconscious Mind(s) has original releases forthcoming for Psychoactive Records and remix work for various labels, with numerous requests for guest mixes he aims to tour extensively to promote his sound armed with a growing and evolving back catalogue of over 20 tracks.

Unconscious Mind(s) has performed at events including Glade Festival, Planet Zogg, Illuminaughty, Sunrise, Made in Pangea, Decayed and Eden amongst many others, and featured guest mixes on NSB Radio [Quexotic Adventures and Disc Breaks with Llupa shows] varying from DJ sets up to full live sets including live guitar, synth and sequencer.

Darren has had a lifelong passion for music and although only in his early thirties has had over two decades of performance experience to tens of thousands of people during this time, also having varied compositional experience writing music for advertising and orchestral arrangements. He first became interested in electronic music in the early 90’s and by 2000 had bought his first set of decks mixing a variety of styles including techno, hard house, hard trance, psytrance, hardcore and freeform. He was also co-founder of the legendary “Hard Acid Style” boat parties which ran for a number of years whilst DJ’ing at a number of events and parties under various guises.

Anyone can play an Unconscious Mind(s) track but only Darren can perform it with the energy, love and passion that the music was created from, an energy which explodes on the dancefloor!

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