Universcience (RU)

Universcience (RU)

Universcience [Russia]

Universcience is the exciting Moscow based psy trance live act founded by Sergey Bogdanov(ex Magic Forest).

Born in Moscow 1983, Sergey has always embraced entertainment during his younger years.

He started to experiment with music in 96'and then graduated into the relms of DJing at Club Chaos playing harder styles of dance music under the name of DJ Quad.

Durring this time he was introduced to Psy Trance by not so well known duo Alex Kovalev and Vasiliy(Psykovsky), who are today well established names with their own project Transdriver.

Since 2001 Sergey has shared his psychedelic musical experiences that gained him the hearts of trance floor enthusiasts, on stage along side many International luminaries such as; Orion, Astrix, Infected Mushroom, Eskimo, Astral Tribe,Talamasca, GMS, Vibe Tribe, Lucas, Raja Ram, Shpongle, Simon Possford and many others.

In 2004 Sergey launched his first music project that was, Magic Forest. Releasing his tracks on a number of Various Artist compilations for labels such as; Trimurti records (Russia),Neurotrance records (Greece), Pure Euphoria records (Danmark).
The sound of Magic Forest was well recieved at many festivals and parties including; Yaga Ball, Tundra, Nataradj, Trimurti, Trishula and Kalevala.  

In 2010 Sergey decided to disband Magic Forest to make way for his new project that he then launched in April 2011 being, 'Universcience'. A new light, a new creative sound design being focussed upon, executing a new level of modern psy trance music interspersed  with neat paches of Goa Trance. Combining classic elements with modern sound design techniques, Universcience found his own unique style, perfectly suited for the dawn and sunset trancefloors.  

The sound of Universcience has already recieved applause at many of the major festivals and club parties in Russia and neighboring countries including; Solar Systo Togathering, Trimurti, Space Of Joy, Skazka and Twisted Celebration to name just a few.

In 2013, the German label Sangoma, a sub-label of well established label Timecode released the debut Universcience EP "Breath Of The Universe".
Since the release of "Breath of The Universe", Universcience has been preparing his debut full length album, which will be released very soon and enjoyed by trance enthusiasts and DJs around the world.

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