Zetan Spore (UK)

Zetan Spore (UK)

Zetan Spore [Aardvark Records / Psylicious - UK]

Zetan Spore was originally formed in West Cornwall, UK by Ian Hasdell in 1995. After being inspired by psychedelic rock in the late 80's and it's evolution into early dance acts such as Eat Static and Astralasia, and then by the birth of psytrance in the first half of the 90's, Ian brought a second hand Amiga 1200 computer and started arranging samples to form his own style of psychedelic dance music.

After releasing his first album, "Alien Frequencies" in 1996 and getting some more equipment, his twin brother Mark came on board, playing guitar and didgeridoo to form their unique synergistic partnership.

Together they bought out the next Zetan Spore album, "Visitation" in 1997 and were then signed to Aardvark Records, where they have so far released another seven albums: "The Pillars of Creation" (1998), "Subspace Distortions" (1999), Outher Space Hopper Safari" (2001), Transwarp Audio Head Drive" (2002), "Burn Up" (2004), "Escape Velocity" (2005) and "Flux" (2007). They are currently working on some very exciting new material, with another album set for release later in 2009.

Having played their first gig in 1997 and being more motivated by the live side of music, they have kept their set-up almost entirely hardware-based for live performance and after playing hundreds of gigs over the coming years, have remained one of the few genuinely live psytrance acts around.

The highlights of Zetan Spore's extensive live performances include playing to a 25,000 strong crowd at the Euphoria Festival in Singapore, headline sets for Antiworld and Synergy Project, plus top slots at Sunrise, Waveform and Eastern Haze festivals, not to mention hundreds of other live appearances at festivals, live music venues and clubs.
Their music can best be described as driving, euphoric psytrance, breaking in huge psychedelic waves of energy and positivity, with didgeridoo-fuelled tribal breaks and searing guitar riffs adding more depth and power to their sound.

Having a reputation for incredibly energetic and uplifting live performances, and taking the crowd to a whole new level, they've built up a large and enthusiastic following and never fail to rock the dancefloor.

Zetan Spore - taking a new style of dance music  into the 21st century.



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