50 Spins Around The Sun

50 Spins Around The Sun

24 Hours of Psychedelic Trance!

This is the final Psylicious Radio Show of the year with a very special twist. Normally our shows run each Friday, however this show is on a Saturday for very good reason. It is nothing but a celebration... more information on this show will be available throughout the year...

Artists confirmed so far...

[Midijum Recs / NBM Recs]
Infernal Gift (GR/USA)
[Jaira Recs]
Mechanimal (UK)
[24/7 Recs]
Mutalisk (DK)
[Mighty Vibrations Recs]
N.A.S.A. (DK)
[Further Progressions Recs]
Oden (FI)
[Blue Hour Sounds]
[Metabolizm Recs]
Rita Raga (PL)
[Altar Recs / Psylicious] PL
SkyPirate (FR)
[World People Productions]

DJS confirmed so far...

DJ Auricle (AU)
[Psylicious / Metabolizm Recs]
Dryad (USA/PL)
[Kali Patrol Records]
EarthAlien (UK)
[Psylicious / Metabolizm Recs / Be Psychedelic]
Goa Doc (USA)
[Geomagnetic Recs / Goa Recs / Timewarp Recs]
John Phantasm (UK)
[Phantasm Recs]
[IbogaTech / Terminator Recs]
Lee AudioAddictz (UK)
DJ Sarana (FI)
Psibindi (UK)
[Aphid Moon Recs / Psy Sisters]
Psykia (IT)
[Banyan Recs]
Tuszi Tushe (PL)
[Be Psychedelic]

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