Breaking into your Unconscious Mind(s)

 Breaking into your Unconscious Mind(s)

Beneath the psychedelic umbrella lies the sub genre of psy breaks, a captivating sound that offers another element and dimension of depth within the scene of all things ‘psychedelia’, allowing musical genius and boundaries to be pushed even further.

I recently caught up with Unconscious Mind(s), the creation of UK producer Darren Slaney-Hutchins, who fuses together the energized, mind-bending and captivating sounds of psytrance and solid grooves of breakbeat.

Together with Adam Goodlet (one half of successful Freeform/Hardcore act Ephexis), Darren started the independent label; Psychoactive Records, providing an outlet for psybreaks and psytrance.

It’s time to release your ‘unconscious mind’ as we delve deep within and discover here on Harderfaster for the very first time a colourful foundation and future that is the make up of Unconscious Mind(s)…..

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