Cosmic Trance Mission

Cosmic Trance Mission

After spending many years honing his skills, dabbling in all sorts of genres, producing for Paul Oakenfold and many others, helping establish his name among the Trance and general EDM listeners as a truly unique producer with a very distinct sound, Robert decided it was high time to drop the ball and return to his beloved roots; the true sound of underground Trance fused with old-school elements and flavours of the Psy/Goa scene of his childhood. 'Cosmic Trance Mission' is his first full-on, all-Trance album that will take you on a journey like no other.

Cosmic Trance Mission is a 9 track album of audio manipulation, keeping it simple, but very effective.

Fresh sounding and inviting, each track takes you into the next that keeps this trance journey flowing smoothly throughout. It has to be said that Cosmic Trance Mission is an album that provides solid production suited for all trance floors, enjoy!

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