EarthAngel compiles Sonic Machinery

EarthAngel compiles Sonic Machinery

'Sonic Machinery' is the next various artist compilation album release from PsyCore Records, compiled by EarthAngel; the face and vision behind International Psy Trance organisation Psylicious. His vast knowledge of electronic music and psychedelia is evident as he builds his artillery of producers and their tracks to create 'Sonic Machinery', ready to explode onto the trance floor.....

The sound of 'Sonic Machinery' is a full on plethora of heavenly killer psychedelic trance with an aura of driving bass lines, euphoric melodies, clever use of samples and leads with an array of vox throughout that is simply music for your mind, body and soul! Each track takes you comfortably into the next until you are surrounded by EarthAngels army of 'Sonic Machinery' that will take over your mind, move your body and lift your soul.

EarthAngel's 'Sonic Machinery' Various Artist compilation gives 11 tracks of powerful psychedelic beats taking in producers such as Safi Connection, Hydra, Cosmic Vision, BPM, Electronic Concept, Jirah, RAZ and not forgetting the mighty Linkin Park 'Numb' remix from Didrapest along with many more tracks from PsyCore Records artists. This album is far from Angelic, it is Psychedelic!

Release Info:-

Label: Psy Core Records
Genre: Psy Trance / Full On
Release Date: 05/26/2009
Catalogue Number:  PSC1EPD007

Tracklist & Credits:-

01.Liquid on Safi - C Saucer
W&P by Mishel Bitton & Yaniv Bar or
02.Bagnats & Ron g - Eat That
W&P by Shay Bagnats Feat Ron g
03.Voodoo Velkro - Hydra (Jaws underground remix)
W&P by Voodoo Velkro remixed by Alexander Joly
04.Electrypnose - Ornic 2 (Electronic Concept rmx)
W&P by Vince Lebarde remixed by Antonio Jose Fernandes Pereira
05.RAZ - 4 The Music
W&P by Raz Kfir
06.Shake - Lie Detectors
W&P by Luis Macias
07.Jirah - Solarity
W&P by Tim Mccall
08.Didrapest - Numbo
W&P by Hanan Ben Armon
09.BPM - The man with the plan
W&P by Aleksandar Lazarevic & Gradimir Kedzic
10.Cosmic Vision - Imagine me
W&P by Aleksandar Arsenijevic @ Cosmic Vision studios in Belgrade
11.Mind Controller - In stone (Echoactive rmx)
W&P by Pedro Alexander remixed by Allan Feytor

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