Phylum Mix Vol. 1

Phylum Mix Vol. 1

If you like it deep and proggy then this latest mix from Meghan will certainly hook you in!
But that is not all as Meghan leads you into the journey ahead with twinges of dub & glitch with an experimental twist.
Phylum Mix Vol. 1 mixed by Meghan is available from Bandcamp, free or name your price!

01: Enki - Thumbs Up
02: Illementree - Voyeur
03: Mesc - Iron Trees
04: Tektree feat. Enki - Tears to My Eyes
05: Tektree - Alien Radiance
06: Opal Tusk - Grasp It
07: King Syre - Chase Life
08: Halux - Dipsas
09: Villanueva - Spectacle
10: Govog - This!
11: Govog - So Human (Label Mix)

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