Psychowave 'Dancefloor Metadata'

Psychowave 'Dancefloor Metadata'

‘Dancefloor Metadata’ is the newest and first solo album release from Brazillian producer Psychowave aka Natan Bueno.

Releasing on Netherlands based record label Boom, ‘Dancefloor Metadata’ will no doubt cause creative eruption on trance floors around the globe!

‘Dancefloor Metadata’ is acidic and certainly psychedelic as its 9 tracks take you into the musical world of Psychowave. Tripped out musical soundscapes provide a platform of full on ‘neogoa’ tinged fun that encapsulates ethnic elements and driving lifting percussion that give this album perfect flight for all.

When you get to track 7 you will know what I am talking about as Psychowave gives justice in form of remixing Via Axis’s ‘The 4th State’, for me a pivotal point in this album as he takes you to the next level leaving you suspended in what will no doubt be an album that will become timeless with its vitalising sounds keeping it fresh for many years to come.

‘Dancefloor Metadata’ is a trance floor shaker, an album not to be missed, to be released on the 3rd July. Enjoy!

For more information and to preview the album click here



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