SAVAGE CIRCUIT - Digital Domain

SAVAGE CIRCUIT - Digital Domain

Genre: Psychedelic Trance
Cat No: FSR0044EPTrack Listing:

1] Buying Time
2] Instinct
3] Slight Of Mind
4] Re Entry

Mastered @Killah Mastering Studios
by Giampiero Mastino aka Jay OM

P.R> by DMG
According to the universal law of attraction, like attracts like and no better evidence of this is London-based psy label Free-Spirit Records adding Savage Circuit to the ever-expanding list of artists who have featured under their banner. For here are two parties dedicated to the same goal; expanding the boundaries of human consciousness through the collaboration of human and machine to bring souls of all entities together in the common purpose of shared experience. And the substance of their unity is the EP, Digital Domain.

Both parties having travelled circuitous routes to reach this junction, Savage Circuit hailing from the outer reaches of the psychedelic universe, Miami, Florida, his migration to the centre of the UK scene has been accompanied by transitions across guises and labels that are familiar to most but as the primary focus is on the here and now they are rendered irrelevant. So too then is Free-Spirit’s casual but hardly gradual growth from modest ambitions to providing a beating heart to the aforementioned UK psy culture.

For what we have in the form of Digital Domain are four tracks reflecting the creator that Savage Circuit has become. Accustomed to live performance and studio production in equal measure his understanding of the components that make for enlightenment through human movement are available for ready consumption. Simplicity achieved through complexity, a multitude of components providing substantial continuity of energy distorting the perceptions, and relevance, of time itself so that one becomes the other with seamless fluidity. Such that the experience of the listener/participant mirrors that of the music and the communion of spirits, as like attracts like, is again the result. And as the knowledge of this achievement disperses across the psy planet so till will it prove that the law of attraction is truly universal.

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