Initiating a ‘Digital Domain’ with Savage Circuit

Initiating a ‘Digital Domain’ with Savage Circuit

With his latest EP release ‘Digital Domain’ well underway, launched on Free-Spirit Records and reaching fans, enthusiasts and DJs from all corners of the World, I caught up with musician and producer Vince Garcia to find out more about his foundations and of cause his psychedelic trance act better known as Savage Circuit!

A well known face within the London psychedelic party scene originally from Miami, Vince made his intrepid relocation to the UK to immerse himself further into the culture, music and essence the
psychedelic scene has to offer. During his formative years in the UK he released under the moniker ‘Pagan Technologies’, before his evolved emulation transpired into Savage Circuit.

A journey in the right direction, along its way his music has been critically lauded and played by names such as Shane Gobi, Tristan, Dick Trevor, Antaro and Captain Kairos.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure to witness the energy Savage Circuit omits during one of his sets please do! In the mean time please welcome for the very first time to
HarderFaster.Net, Savage Circuit[Read the full story]


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