Liquid On Safi - Cosmic Sun

Liquid On Safi - Cosmic Sun

Style: Psytrance
Released: May. 2005
Label: Spliff Music

It is definitely the best guitar album of the year...
so its a must have for any collector, under 'Classic' category.

Liquid on Safi, is a collaborated project of Mishel Bitton A.k.a Safi Connection and Yaniv Bar-or A.k.a Liquid Phase.

This project is a combination of live electro guitar and computer works. Cosmic sun is a psy fullon rock with powerfull
and emotional riffs that will make your hair stand.

The album is 10 month sessions of hard studio recording and composing.

1. Cosmic sun
2. Child of d beat (Album edit)
3. Potential boom
4. Fresco des
5. September sun
6. Kay-kion
7. Powercore
8. Alone again
9. Sounds like bazoom (Chillon edit)

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