Liquid Phase - Africa

Liquid Phase - Africa

Style: Progressive Trance
Released: Apr. 2006
Label: Spliff Muic

Liquid Phase is not a regular musician, the way he controls musical chords is cheeky...modern, outstanding and unique. On this debut album, Liquid Phase tries to touch some of the old school trance while mixing it to today's fast hi tech reality.
Apart from being different, this album is also a groovy dance album with one deep vocal tune, original and shiny. After the huge success of the world tour of Liquid on Safi - Cosmic Sun, it's impossible to overlook this astonishing debut from Liquid Phase.

This CD has the collaborative genres of full on psy and progressive elements. Africa is the first and long awaited album of this outstanding Israeli producer.
The tunes on the CD have already been played on the biggest dance floors by the worlds biggest dj's, such as: John 00 Fleming (UK), Tsyushi Suzuki (Jp) and Goa Gil (USA).

1) Electro feelings part 1 | Listen

2) Africa | Listen

3) Free Fall | Listen

4) En-Fetamin | Listen

5) E-Muse | Listen

6) Realisem | Listen

7) Mr DJ | Listen

8) Wrong | Listen

9) Genetic Superstar(Liquid Phase rmx) | Listen

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