Psycho Punk – Slipstream

Psycho Punk – Slipstream

Style: Psytrance
Released: Dec. 2008
Label: PsyCore

Debut album release from Psycho-Punk(Salvatore Giamblanco) on the Psy-Core Records label. Written & Produced by Salvatore Giamblanco.

Psy-Core records invites you to slip into their latest album 'SlipStream' the first and full length album release by Sicilian producer Salvatore Giamblanco who delivers his funk n' quirk laden full on psychedelic trance sound as Psycho-Punk!

SlipStream sucks you in before shooting you between the eyes with an audio collage of tough beats, driving bass lines and psychotic melodies, tuned to lead listeners into a whirlwind of audio tripmatic surprise. Each track compliments the next with clever use of samples that are maximised with precision and boundary pushing.

Psycho-Punk's SlipStream gives nine tracks, commencing with a joint collaboration with producer Potrozoo and then finishing with a remix of Safi Connection's 'Arabs on the Moon'. Be warned, SlipStream takes no hostages.......!!! 

01: Interferenza | Listen
02: Heresy | Listen
03: Darkness And Magic | Listen
04: Slipstream | Listen
05: Stop This Fucking Metronome | Listen
06: All The Way | Listen
07: Love Sucks | Listen
08: The Beautiful Mind | Listen
09: Arabs On The Moon (Psycho Punk Remix) | Listen
10: The way I Am | Listen

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