V/A - Bass Your Ass By B-Tone

V/A - Bass Your Ass By B-Tone

Style: Progressive
Released: March. 2006
Label: Groove Control

BASS YOUR ASS is a the 3rd compilation from the Israeli progressive label Groove Control, this time complied by B-Tone (aka Safi connection). Behind this project stands Mishel Bitton. Mishel is known as one of the supreme producers in the huge Israeli scene. After a break from doing the B-Tone album "Mantra Acts" on Synergetic (Austria), Mishel comes back with a serious taste of his progressive world.

BASS YOUR ASS compiled by B-Tone is a Progressive Trance release. Unlike the rest of today's compilations, BASS YOUR ASS is a very unique piece because of its freshness. It stands for a new kind of progressive, but is still groovy & pumping. Among the respected track list you can find hot acts such as NASA, Symphonix, Neo Logic, B-Tone, Tron & Vazik & some new but high class artists such: Nizzel & Saeg from Iboga, OvniMoon (Synergetic Records), and Mute.

Bass Your Ass is smart, interesting, rising, emotional & very musical. If you choose to ignore the big-smashing names on this CD, it will still blow your mind just by listening to the tunes on it. Although the track list here seems almost impossible to ignore.

The tunes on the CD have already been played on the biggest dance floors by bands like Blablabla.... However this CD will be just as good played in your living area.

Special note: GROOVE CONTROL Products are fully legal & approved. After a few tests carried out on human objects, it has proven that GROOVE CONTROL Products change your mood for the better.


01: Scared | Listen

02: Control Zone | Listen

03: Stone Unturn | Listen

04: Tola | Listen

05: Basic | Listen

06: Full Off | Listen

07: Halel | Listen
      FAT BOYS

08: Cherrylips | Listen

09: Enjoy | Listen


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