Be Psychedelic 12th Birthday

Be Psychedelic 12th Birthday

Be Psychedelic 12th Birthday!

On Friday 27.08.2021 it will be 12 years since we took our Be Psychedelic Project on stage.
During this time we managed to invite many wonderful guests, we hope that you will remember the events with them for a long time and that this one will be no different.

On the occasion of our jubilee, we will also celebrate the 20th anniversary (World Tour) of the artist who acts under the nickname RIGEL - who will play LIVE ACT & DJ SET for us, and also the 16th anniversary of organizing events on the Polish psytrance stage by
some Dragon.

In addition to the musical feast, wonderful decorations will be prepared not only on 3 musical stages but also in the entire club just for your enjoyment.
We quietly hope that the admission price is very attractive for you, because we are most happy when YOU visit us. We also hope that we will all see each other and that we will celebrate our 12th birthday together!

For detailed info about artists performing with us, tickets, event start times, etc. - please click the link below. The event will take place on three stages in the 5-story Bunkier GalleryClub the whole club will be embellished by a decorating project from Germany.

Every week on Tuesday we will reveal to you one artist who will perform at our jubilee.
We invite you to celebrate together!
Thank you for your support over these years! We hope that you know that we are still trying our best just like we did in the beginning.

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