Blasting off with Zetan Spore

Blasting off with Zetan Spore

Taking a new style of dance music into the 21st century has been the primary objective in mind since Ian Hasdell formed Zetan Spore in West Cornwall in 1995. Since then they've gone on to release a number of albums and take their sound worldwide. Psylicious set his phaser on ask and went in search of answers.

Inspired by psychedelic rock in the late 80's and its evolution into earlier dance acts such as Eat Static and Astralasia, Ian Hasdell was spurred into forming his own style of psychedelic dance music. After releasing his first album, Alien Frequencies, in 1996, Ian's twin brother Mark came on board, playing guitar and didgeridoo which forms the basis for their unique synergistic partnership.

Together they brought out the next Zetan Spore album, Visitation in 1997 and were then signed to Aardvark Records, where they have so far released a further seven albums. With an eighth album due for release later in the year and countless gigs across the UK the twins of Zetan Spore touched down to answer a few questions for HarderFaster readers.

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