Ed Tangent's debut album 'Orbital Frog'

Ed Tangent's debut album 'Orbital Frog'

Ed Tangent presents a compilation of Various Artists as this next dance floor slamming album release from Psy-Core Records. Ed Tangent's knowledge combined with his well known sound for driving and hypnotic psychedelic trance is noticeable as Ed pieces together this jigsaw of producers and their tracks to build you, Orbital Frog!

Orbital Frog's sound is psychedelically rocket driven from start to finish as Ed Tangent steers Orbital Frog into a journey of full on killa psychedelia! Driving bass lines, spine tingling breakdowns and euphoric melodies vacuum you right into Orbital Frog's very vortex as each track hypnotises, locking you in, before exploding around you in mind bending psychedelic euphoria.

Ed Tangent's Orbital Frog Various Artist Compilation gives 10 tracks of energized psychedelic trance taking in precision engineered tracks from producers such as; Safi Connection, Acid Prophecy, Jirah, BPM and 220V amongst other Psy-Core Records artists.

As you listen to Orbital Frog, you know, you have been Tangentised! 

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