Ghostly Experiences with John Phantasm

Ghostly Experiences with John Phantasm

John Phantasm has been in the music business long enough to see the many falls and rises that have transpired over the years as well as the latest trends of youth culture musically. Not only the proud Dad of highly acclaimed UK psy trance act and producer Eskimo, John is also the driving force behind one of the UK's most original Trance record labels, Phantasm Records, a major force in the psy trance world since their first releases in 1993 and regular feature in the playlists of every DJ large or small on the psy trance scene today.

With superb contemporary releases like the Strange Frequencies, Tokyo 24/7 and Molecular Counterpart compilations, Phantasm are still pushing the boundaries forward, and have been the launch pad for many of the artists in the trance world today, including the meteoric rise of Eskimo, currently the scene's brightest and most original talent.

I managed to catch up with John recently during some time out of his hectic schedule of travelling, Djing and studio work to find out more about the birth of Phantasm Records, the UK trance scene and of course his Son, Eskimo.

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