Go off on another direction with Ed Tangent

Go off on another direction with Ed Tangent

Ed Tangent is one of the UK’s most experienced and talented DJs within the psy trance scene. Helping to build the genres foundations within the UK and at its forefront for over two decades, his is a feat seldom matched in this country. To hear compliments such as, ‘It’s an honour to have Ed play for us’, by party promoters in the UK and around the World simply cements what Ed Tangent is all about! Quality Psychedelia!

His name has appeared on stages nationally with countless events and festivals, including running the dance tent at some, providing his legendary Sunrise stage! Now part of the Psylicious Collective and Phantasm Records stables, get ready to hear the Ed Tangent name even more! Tom Psylicious found out a bit more about Ed, his involvement over the years within the UK’s psy scene and his unique ‘Speaker Surfing’ antics. This is Ed Tangent!

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