Interview with LOUD!

Interview with LOUD!

Formed in 2005 by Israeli producers Kobi Toledano and Eitan Reiter have escalated throughout the world of Psychedelic Trance and EDM.  Their music is original and quality high, as they combine the cutting edge with the roots of the old school, always following their own musical journey.

Having played in almost every country that holds electronic dance music events both Kobi and Eitan are well known for their energy, stage presence and crowd interaction as the dance floor responds ensuring they have heard them LOUD and clear!

With 4 albums, a remix album and compilation album released, not counting the many EPs and tracks released LOUD continue to break down the musical barriers and ignite dance floors where ever they go.

Signed to globally respected Nano Records, LOUD continue to enjoy the respect from other leading musicians and producers, including collaborations and been remixed by names such as Union Jack, Hallucinogen, Son Kite, Astrix, Perfect Stranger, Shulman, Prometheus, Ace Ventura, Domestic, and many others.

Want to know more? Cause you do! So on that not it gives me great pleasure to introduce Kobi and Eitan to the Psylicious interview table to find out more!

Kobi and Eitan, many thanks for your time to answer some questions for your fans, old and new. How has 2015 been for you both so far?

Kobi : 2015 is one of our best year ever (international wise) we perform all around the globe and working on our new album that is going to be released later on in 2015.

Eitan : Great, new studio, new music, new people!

So tell us how the unity of you both happened as producers and where did the idea of LOUD come from?

Kobi : We met through a mutual friend of ours (Oren Mizrahi) early in 2005 and the idea of LOUD was evolved from there.

Eitan : Through a mutual friend who thought we could fit in. The name LOUD came from brainstorming between us and friends. We wanted something simple that says it all and, we wanted to be heard!

To date you have released 4 albums, a remix album and compilation album. Which album rocked your world and why?

Kobi : Each one of them has got its own magic in many ways but for me, ‘Some kind of creativity’ and ‘No More X’ was a kind of a brake through.

Eitan : People really like ‘Some Kind of Creativity’ and ‘No More X’. For me ‘No More X’ is really great! I think our upcoming will be even better. But there is also a magic you can not explain in a 1st album.

LOUD at BooM Festival

You are musicians in your own right. When you are not writing for LOUD what other musical projects are involved within your day?

Kobi : Mainly producing for some other artists.

Eitan : I work  with a lot of musicians , productions and even some soundtrack writings. I have my own electronica, downtempo and techno project and also collaboration with Sebastian Mullaert (Minilouge).

Yes Eitan I was about to ask you about your collaboration with Sebastian Mullaert after walking around the woods in Sweden. Please tell us more about this and how did the walk give you the concept to write?

Eitan : I can only say that I  feel nature is so complex, that it hits you so hard with the power of creation, to the point where making music seems simple and natural. Your whole proportions of details change if you start your day in nature. Hard to do but important!

As LOUD you have collaborated and remixed with many well known established names within the psychedelic/electronic music scene. Who have you enjoyed working with the most?

Kobi : This one is a hard question! But for me to most inspire, collaboration was with Yanniv Shulman.

Eitan : Ido Ophir is a dear friend that I personally learnt a lot from and enjoy working with, Perfect Stranger and us share a lot of the same ideas about what trance should be like. Didy Bizzare Contact is a good friend that is very fun to be with in the studio. Basically everyone we worked with was an amazing experience. Actually maybe the person we felt the MOST clicks in the studio with is Shulman and we love both of the Loud and Shulman track.

Being signed to Nano Records must have been personal accolade to you both that simply enhances your skills as musicians within the psychedelic scene. How did this make you feel and has this escalated you further afield with bookings and additional work?

Kobi : Well to be a part of the NANO family is a great honour. We feel like this is our home with Regan and Monique, the booking performances abroad increased significantly.

Eitan : We love NANO and happy to be part of it, we feel that when we had entered we were kind of more exposed to the psy trance global scene.

LOUD in Paris

So what have been the biggest highlights in your career as LOUD as you celebrate 10 years of being LOUD?

Kobi : To many highlights to choose one.

Eitan : For me the Boom Festival show 2014 and the next upcoming 5th album.

Playing in virtually every country that hosts EDM/Psychedelic Parties, which has been your favourite country and party and why?

Kobi : There is no one place specific each country has its charm land scape and people.

Eitan : So many! Morocco and Japan are amazing for example to be at. USA can feel really fresh and like it’s still underground. But for me probably Australia, it feels the most natural, it has that perfect mix between warm and happy crowd, a crowd with patience that wants to hear new sounds and explore psychedelic places.

What are your plans for the future and where can your fans see LOUD taking themselves to the next level? I hear you have a 5th album to be released soon?

Kobi : Well is hard to say because vibes and energy  are changing frequently. About the new album your hearing good :)

Eitan: A LOUD shop! A 2nd remix album with Ott, Simon, Eat Static, Perfect Stranger and many more surprises, and a 5th album which is our 1st CONCEPT ALBUM ! Just you wait ;)

Kobi and Eitan it has been a pleasure talking with you both. Before we finish what words of wisdom do you have for the readers and those who are starting out as musicians?

Kobi : To the all young producers out there DON’T try to imitate, innovate! Inspiration is a huge part of creating music but try to put your input into it.

Eitan : Be yourself!

LOUD on line, visit the links below.

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