Into The Sunrise with Cosmosis

Into The Sunrise with Cosmosis

It's been just over a year since Cosmosis performed in the land of blighty, his next stop, Sunrise in Leeds on the 28th November. Influenced musically by Simon LeBon's (Duran Duran) record collection, it was this background that became Bill Halsey's first stepping stone over the watery path and into the music industry as a session guitarist. But how did this formative connection go from that to him becoming one of the UK's most respected psy trance producers; and live act, Cosmosis?

With 14 years of producing and touring the sound of Cosmosis around the World, it has to be said Bill Halsey is nothing but a legend, a term often loosely used by so many. Yet it's a term that is so fitting to a man who has nothing but passion, emotion and true generosity for what he does, what he shares and most of all his music that echoes around the Globe and onto the trance floors.

So in light of his next appearance in the UK I caught up with Bill, speaking from his home in Switzerland to find out more about his history, his experiences and Cosmosis.

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