"Isolation Generation" Out Now!

Isolation Generation is the latest EP release from Greek Psytrance producer  RIGEL out on Metabolizm Records!

Isolation Generation delivers three infinite tracks that have the ability to break down all borders of isolation for the lysergic generation. But can you break the code hidden within this chain of psychedelic DNA?

The Anticitizen leads you in with a tough driving kick and bass with a haunting tone that simply breaks into a melodic frenzy of mystery and clever use of vox and synthesized debauchery to hypnotise the mind before unleashing The Ritual...

The Ritual is nothing but a madness of pure vox infused depth charged underground  trance. Its mission will drive you deep underground into a labyrinth of crazed melodic tones that are driven by crisp kicks with ignited bass lines throughout that will warp your mind into a trance-floor vortex before opening up to The Awakening...

The Awakening leads you into a new beginning that softens the journey with a punching kick and upbeat bass line that is enough to refresh your soul with nifty synthesised sounds throughout. The Awakening is not about surrender, its about marching forward into a new musical dimension of musical creativity that Rigel is very well known for!

All three tracks are enhanced with Rigels signature sound not forgetting his quirky madness!

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