'Love Peace Order truth' Out Now!

'Love Peace Order truth' Out Now!

Spiral Trax Records is more than proud to present an outstanding remix of the track 'Love Peace Order truth' made by 2 superstars Ovnimoon and Rigel!

The Ovnimoon and Rigel project is born from the strong friendship of 2 musicians from different countries.
Each producer lives in distant parts of the world but shares one dream, of making magical music for all the people who want to listen and experience music on this path.

The Ovnimoon and Rigel collaboration project was born two years ago, and is a perfect mixture of Rigel music and Ovnimoon music, creating a unique sound, where you can feel both souls but in a new and fresh sound. This single track is a mix of Psytrance Full-on, Progressive Trance, and Goa Trance Influences.

This new project has come to stay here, in our present, for your personal enjoyment and for sure, for parties around the Trance World on the planet Earth and beyond! Enjoy this wonderful remix made by Rigel.

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