N.A.S.A touches down with Psylicious Management

N.A.S.A touches down with Psylicious Management

We are pleased to announce that N.A.S.A aka Mikkel Rasmussen Danish producer and Live Act, has joined Psylicious Management.

N.A.S.A is now available for Live Act & DJ Bookings.


Not another silly Acronym! Behind the musical project N.A.S.A we find Mikkel Rasmussen, from Copenhagen - Denmark. Mikkel has been producing music for 14 years, changing genres and evolving his musical genius to fit into the spectrum of his taste and musical magic.  

Also being a part of the hugely popular underground minimal Psy Trance project, 'The Gnome Effect', Mikkel's career was launched rapidly when he began making music on a serious level. Since then, 'The Gnome Effect' has been disbanded, and Mikkel's solo project has changed and evolved further into a unique form of trance music, fusing together many different elements from both the psychedelic and techno genre's making his own trademark sound and brand of electronic trance music.

Mikkel also produces music under other names such as; Mutalisk, Nanocell and MLR.

Since 2001 N.A.S.A has travelled the world, playing at both big and small festivals and parties including countries such as; Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Greece, Italy, Japan, Israel, Hungary, Portugal and Tunesia.

His largest festival yet was Boom Festival 2008, which was a phenomenal experience indeed, festivals N.A.S.A has performed at include;

Scandinavian Electronic Music Festival (Denmark, 2004 & 2007) - Crown Chakra (Japan, 2005) - Solar Eclipse (Tunisia, 2005) - Full Moon Festival (Germany, 2007) - Fragmental Festival (Denmark 2008) - Aurora Festival (Greece, 2008) - Boom Festival (Portugal, 2008) - Distortion Festival (Denmark 2009)

The N.A.S.A debut album 'Unique' is due for release on the Iono Music label in 2009, featuring N.A.S.A's most prominent tracks taking in his musical variety and different style's that he has achieved.


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