N.A.S.A. ‘Stolen Moments’

N.A.S.A. ‘Stolen Moments’

‘Stolen Moments’ is the latest album release from N.A.S.A. out now on Iboga Records.

Known for his progressive trademark sound, N.A.S.A.’s creator Mikkel Rasmussen switches down a gear taking you into a beautiful ambience of chilled out lazy beats. Infused with musical dreamscapes that capsulate the mind N.A.S.A. puts you into another mode of thinking, provoking the inner sanctum of your mind within the ambience created.

‘Stolen Moments’ is a musical journey of 10 tracks, each track leading you further into the moment of the here and now, that makes this album what it is; relaxing, thought provoking and refreshing.

Want a free taste? ‘Embers’ is a taste of what ‘Stolen Moments’ is all about. It’s a free download in wav format for you all. Click our Soundcloud link for your free download.

Buy The Album: Beatport  |  Juno Download

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