Patron of Be Psychedelic.

Patron of Be Psychedelic.

Psylicious is pleased to announce that they are now a patron of Be Psychedelic, based in Gdansk, Poland.

The origins and foundations of what is now Be Psychedelic started in 2003 when their founder Smok(Dragon) aka Marcin joined the party crew Psychotoons Project in 2003. Psychotoons Project ran its course until 2005 when Smok decided to put his own mark on the Polish psychedelic scene and launched his own party project, Stay Psychedelic until 2009.

Through an introduction from John Phantasm between what was then Stay Psychedelic and Psylicious a spark ignited and a solid working relationship and friendship has continued to grow. In 2009 the next chapter of Smoks book opened and Be Psychedelic was born. 

Be Psychedelic has provided many psy trance parties through the years, with some of the most respected Artists and DJS in the business. Their parties are underground with an immense atmosphere combined with plenty of trimmings that ensures everyone has an enjoyable experience.

Situated on the Baltic Coast, Gdansk is not just a beautiful city; it is the centre for the worlds Amber trade that boasts many boutiques selling the ossified resin. But that is not all Gdansk is famed for, hidden a short walk from the docks stands a former WW2 air raid shelter, bunker and anti-aircraft battery; a six-storey reinforced concrete cube now known as Bunkier Klubogaleria and home to Be Psychedelic parties/events. A true underground party experience!

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