Psykia Sets It Straight

 Psykia Sets It Straight

Psykia, real name Francesca Spadoni is an eclectic young artist from the Italian underground music scene. Totally immersed in the psychedelic trance music scene and its culture she spent a year writing her book, Trancefloor: an ethnographic study about the soundscapes of dancing souls. With a DJ career that has taken her to international territories, as well as the many parties within her Italian homeland and the UK, Psykia is now an integral part of Psylicious, with residencies for its radio show and future hosted events and stages.

Her DJ sound is underground, taking in the sub genres of full on night time, full on, progressive and chilled out psychedelic beats, making Psykia perfect for all trance floors, festivals and stages. Following her recent gig in Slovenia, I took some time with Psykia to write this feature for HarderFaster and to find out more about her passion for the music and the culture of the psychedelic trance music scene.

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