Talamasca 'Make some Noise'!

Talamasca 'Make some Noise'!

Paris based producer Cedric Dassulle better know as Talamasca is no stranger to the psychedelic trance music scene, conjuring up his audio trickery time and time again is there any wonder why so many still to this day call him the 'Maestro' in so many countries?

It has been 3 years since Talamasca was last featured here on Harderfaster, in that time two albums and one EP have been produced and released with his latest release 'Make Some Noise' released earlier this summer.

With a hectic gig and touring schedule taking him to all parts of the World to unleash his audio magic onto the many dance floors, I managed to catch up with Cedric to find out a lot more of what he has been doing since his last feature here on Harderfaster.


Read the full interview feature on [Harderfaster.net]


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