Shamania Interview with Ade Lord

Shamania Interview with Ade Lord

The concept of Shamania was born in the North of England, possibly as a by-product of our Brigantean Celtic heritage. The Northern Dance Music Tribes are truly coming together this year to provide the best you can get, when it comes to underground dance music! If you haven’t heard of Shamania before, don’t worry, let us introduce to you Ade Lord, one of the founders, creators and main organizers of Shamania Festivals.

You’ll find Shamania set in the mysterious, magical landscape of Pendle Witch country, not too far from Burnley, Lancashire. It was here I recently caught up with Ade, a man with a vision, passion and total love for underground music. We delved into what Shamania is about and what exactly you will see, listen and enjoy there. Of course the power of music and festival vibes is a universal language we all understand and it unites us together in many ways, but let us whet your true party appetite with a taste of true underground dance music laced with some International flavouring and spice.

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