Zetan Spore ‘Tribes of the Stars’….Out Now!

Zetan Spore ‘Tribes of the Stars’….Out Now!

'Tribes of the Stars' is the long awaited new album release from UK Psy Trance duo Zetan Spore making this their eighth studio album release on Aardark Records.
Tribes of the Stars boast's an array of nine tracks including a Zetan Spore cover of Hawkwind 'Master of the Universe' (written by Brock & Turner).
Tim & Athene of 3 Daft Monkeys provide penny whistle & fiddle on 'Dervish of the Mushroom folk', showing that Zetan Spore has pushed their experimental boundaries with new sounds, structure and arrangement whilst keeping their already established musical trade mark sound that has simply evolved. 'Tribes of the Stars' final make over sees mastering by Colin Bennun of OOOD and Artwork by Zetan Spores Ian Hasdell.

'Sitara' launches the album with it's galactic fuelled style laden with sub-continental instrument sampling, sensational F/X and guitar riffs and Goa sound giving the track an additional hypnotic depth with a high octane lift!
'Shroomantics' is a high energised didgeridoo led track full of Zetan Spore organics.
'Molecano' is infused with acid style F/X and broken down beats that create additional experimentation with sound.
'Dervish of the Mushroom Folk' mixes up Celtic and Folk sounds and beats with a full-on Psytrance edge complete with penny whistle & fiddle giving it plenty of lift making it fresh & inviting for all fans to taste!
'Elf Warning' steps into a more tribal affair with a didgeridoo prominent lead that gives this track plenty of organic charge.
'Tryptonite' stays with the tribal fused theme leaving the didgeridoo behind but replacing this with a high octane rhythm that fuses together broken beats and acidic guitar riffs giving this track a very full on energy!
'Pterodactyl Disco' explores the galactic high octane sound once again with guitar riffs that lift this track with an up beat tempo breaking down into a distant broken beat space before launching once again into the energy of Zetan Spores high octane sound!
'Into the Brainforest' is full of broken beats that are fused with didgeridoo laden sounds embalming the mind before taking off at a much higher pace than the track predicts.
Zetan Spores cover of Hawkwinds 'Master of the Universe' concludes 'Tribes of the Stars' with its mix of rapid paced synth lines and spacey guitar riffs and vox that has seen Zetan Spore packing summer festival dance floors with this cover.

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